Ceramic Pro Packages:

Ceramic Pro 9H Glass Coating Video

Joey - Owner of Tint Shop NC

Listen to Owner and Certified Ceramic Pro Installer explain the benefits of getting your vehicle's paint permanently protected with Ceramic Pro 9H Nanotechnology.


Additional Ceramic Pro Advantages


UV & Thermal

Easy to Clean

by 9H Hardness

Super Hydrophobic

Why Get Your Vehicle
Ceramic Pro'd By Us?

We are a family Owned, Local Business with over 30+ Years Experience Detailing, Tinting, Installing Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Pro on High -End, Exotic Cars as well as SUV's, Pick-Up Trucks and Sports Vehicles.

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* We are the ONLY shop in the Charlotte Area that offers FREE (within 25 miles of shop) Insured and fully enclosed auto carrier pickup/drop off service for Ceramic Pro Installations.
** Exotic, High-End Vehicle Specialists with over 30+ Years Experience.
*** We offer Top of the Line 3M Auto Tint and Paint Protection Film(s).
**** Additional Services we provide: Auto Wraps, Paintless Dent Repair, Window Scratch Removal and Decal and Pinstripe Applications

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Ceramic Pro Car Carrier
Ceramic Pro Residential Tint